Wednesday, 14 October 2009


This weekend I had a flying visit to Glasgow for a session with my band, and to see a musical put on by a company which my wife Chris used to be a member of. Apologies to friends of mine in Glasgow who I didn't get a chance to see -- next time hopefully I'll be up for longer.

It was wonderful to be back in Glasgow. Maybe it's just because I know it, but the city seems so fluid and easy to get around in. I drove to Byres road for a coffee with my mother, and effortlessly slipped into a space where you can park free for 30 minutes. I drove from there to Berkeley studios via the Clydeside expressway which is smooth and fast, and then when I needed to be in the west end a bit longer I easily found somewhere free to park just a few streets away. Maybe I could do this in Oxford if I knew it better, but my experience of driving in Oxford so far has been awful!

I met up with the Latonic guys for drinks after seeing the musical, and we went to a really cool basement bar on Bath Street, can't remember the name, where our mate Mehdi was DJing. I left the bar around 2, and then had the most amazing experience -- I wanted some food and was fully prepared to be ripped off at some awful chippy like Mr Chips, when I saw that Greggs was open. Yes, Greggs the baker, at 2am! So instead of paying £3 for a portion of under-cooked chips served to me by a weary chip shop owner, I paid £1.60 for two cheese and onion pasties, which are exactly what one wants after several drinks, and was served by a very friendly member of Greggs staff. It was amazing!

It seems like some other people have been talking about this too. I suppose it might be bad news for the chip shops, and maybe bad news for the Greggs staff, but it's OK by me!


  1. Sounds like you had a good night. Out in Glasgow tomorrow night myself. Will be keeping an eye open for a gregs.