Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Bash hates enthusiasm

I often feel good when I get to "svn commit" something. I want to type something like:

svn commit -m "Example ready to go!"

But this enthusiasm is not welcomed by the bash shell, which says:

bash: !": event not found

So I have to type:

svn commit -m "Example ready to go\!"

and reaching for the '\' key just doesn't seem spontaneous. Especially on a Mac, where it's in the wrong bloody place!

So I end up being firm, and typing the ploddingly unenthusiastic command:

svn commit -m "Example ready to go."

1 comment:

  1. Ha Ha ha. :)
    You could get the TextExpander application and set it to give \! when you type !. The only thing is every time you type ! you get \! when you don't want it. The latest version of text expander might have profiles to set. Not sure though. Your enthusiasm will have to go unnoticed for just now.